Lead Generation

Lead Generation from Online marketing

Without leads and sales, a business will fail, no matter what the marketplace.

One of the common types of leads are the ones that we receive via our social media channels. This includes sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and so on.

Lead generation from social media marketing is vitally important. It’s worth considering that 90% of top-decision makers have said they would never respond to a cold call but 76% said they are happy to have a conversation when contacted through social media.

Understanding the importance of lead generation from social media marketing and providing yourself and your sales team with a steady stream of potential new customers is imperative to not only making new sales but proving whether your social media strategy is actually working or not.

You can gain quality leads via social media by creating gated content that requires the user to submit their personal details to access the valuable information you have created. Equally as effective is creating a giveaway or competition that requires the user to share your post and like your social media pages in order for them to win a prize of your choice.

We guarantee you 1000’s of new leads every month, just depends on your budget. From social media and email marketing, to direct marketing lead generation tactics, we are specialists in our field and will not be beaten on price or service.

Importance of Developing an Engaged Audience

It’s simple. A disengaged audience has no reason to consider your business services or products. You haven’t put the time and energy into fostering a good relationship so why should they use your business at all?

Developing an engaged audience is then critical to the success of generating new leads. Building a relationship will help your business to gain more subscribers to your email list, encourage them to share your content, help develop your brand image, create ‘brand insiders’ who are loyal to you and build a positive brand reputation.

All of this allows you to generate more genuine leads that can be converted to sales.